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Posted by: Lance Ackerfeld 

I would like to hope that those of you who attended the IAJGS International Conference returned home with their genealogy "tank" refilled and eager to become involved in one of the JewishGen projects - for instance, let's say the Yizkor Book Project <g> I'm quite sure that those of you who attended the Yizkor Book Birds of a Feather meeting under the leadership of Jan Meisels Allen are particularly inspired by her to become involved in our project. Anyway, if you were or weren't at the conference and would like to take some part in the Yizkor Book Project in some fashion - translating, transliterating, coordinating, editing or... I would certainly like hear from you and discuss what part of the project calls out to you.
Once again, I am pleased to let you know that a further book is now completely online - "Rabka Four - Instruments of Genocide and Grand Larceny"
that was written by Robin O'Neil, who researches the Holocaust with insights and skills he acquired in his years as police major crimes investigator at Scotland Yard. Robin has generously donated a number of his manuscripts and for those who are yet to be familiar with this unique research, I'm sure you will find them a real eye-opener.
We are very fortunate to have a long-standing arrangement with Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, which enables us to receive Excel files of necrologies extracted from a wide range of Yizkor books. On our side, a team of conscientious volunteers transliterate these lists into English and allow us to make them available to the general public. This month, in particular, we've added in a number of necrologies which come from books that are not widely available and are particularly important for researchers and, at the same time, allow us to immortalize the names of our people who met their death during the Holocaust. Later on, yet another team of conscientious volunteers led by Max Heffler, convert these lists into a format which can be uploaded to our necrology database and the help of all these volunteers is very much appreciated and allow us this wide range of research options.
Now to facts and figures - as far as the July figures go, during this last month we have added these 5 new projects:
- Kremenets, Ukraine (Memorial Book of Kremenets, Vyshgorodok, and Pochayiv) 
- Regierungsbezirk Schwaben (region), Germany (The ordeal of the Jews in Swabia) 
- Satoraljaujhely, Hungary (Vanished Communities in Hungary) 
- Secovce, Slovakia (The History of the Jewish community in Secovce) 
- Skala Podolskaya, Ukraine (Memorial Book of Skala) 

Added in 4 new entries:
- Cepeleuti, Moldova (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Romania, Volume II) 
- Nimereuca, Moldova (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Romania, Volume II) 
- Telice, Czech Republic (The Jews and Jewish Communities of Bohemia in the past and present)
- Tuchola, Poland (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Poland, Volume VI) 

We have continued to update 25 of our existing projects:
- Bedzin, Poland(A Memorial to the Jewish Community of Bedzin) 
- Biala Rawska, Poland (Memorial Book to the Martyrs of Biala Rawska)
- Bialystok, Poland (The chronicle of Bialystok) 
- Chelm, Poland (Commemoration book Chelm) 
- Czestochowa, Poland (The Jews of Czestochowa) 
- Czyzew, Poland  (Czyzewo Memorial Book) 
- Dieveniskes, Lithuania (Devenishki book; memorial book) 
- Galicia, Poland (Rabka Four - Instruments of Genocide and Grand Larceny) 
- Golub-Dobrzyn, Poland (In Memory of the Communities Dobrzyn-Gollob) 
- Goniadz, Poland (Our hometown Goniondz) 
- Grajewo, Poland (Grayewo Memorial Book) 
- Jaroslaw, Poland (Jaroslaw Book: a Memorial to Our Town) 
- Korets, Ukraine (The Korets book; in memory of our community that is no more) 
- Krivichi, Belarus (Kryvitsh Yizkor Book) 
- Leczyca, Poland (Memorial Book of Leczyca) 
- Molchadz, Belarus (Molchadz, In Memory of the Jewish Community) 
- Ostrolenka, Poland (Book of Kehilat Ostrolenka; Yizkor Book of the Jewish Community of Ostrolenka) 
- Serock, Poland (The book of Serock)
- Sierpc, Poland (The Community of Sierpc; Memorial Book) 
- Smarhon (Smorgon), Belarus (Smorgonie, District Vilna; memorial book and testimony) 
- Sokolka, Poland (Memorial Book of Sokolka) 
- Stowbtsy, Belarus (Memorial volume of Steibtz-Swerznie and the neighboring villages Rubezhevitz, Derevna, Nalibok) 
- Tarnogrod, Poland (Book of Tarnogrod; in memory of the destroyed Jewishcommunity) 
- Tarnow, Poland (The life and decline of a Jewish city) 
- Volodymyr Volynskyy, Ukraine (Wladimir Wolynsk; in memory of the Jewish community)

Please remember that all this month's additions and updates have been flagged here to make it easy to find them.

All the best,
Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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