Irish Jewish Family History Documented

Posted by Ann Rabinowitz

After many years of research and connecting with Irish Jewish families in many far-flung places, Stuart Rosenblatt, P.C FGSI, Facilitator, Jasonia Centre, 76 Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland, is being recognized for his remarkable compilation of seventeen volumes of documented Irish Jewish history.  Much of this information is in the form of family trees and incorporates approximately 48,000 entries.

On Thursday, September 6, 2012, these seventeen volumes will be officially accepted by the Irish Jewish Museum and its Irish Jewish Genealogy Society Division which was founded in 1999.  This will make available the largest and most unique cache of Irish Jewish records in the world.    

Whilst the materials will be in hard copy format at the Irish Jewish Museum, the information is also in a searchable database on-line at:  Help with researching your family information can be obtained by contacting Stuart Rosenblatt at the following contact points: (e-mail): Stuart.Rosenblatt (Skype); and 353-1-677-3808 (telephone).

Mazel Tov to Stuart Rosenblatt for his great genealogical accomplishment and happy hunting to those of you with Irish Jewish connections!!!!

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