Congratulations to Genie Milgrom-Winner of Florida State Genealogical Society Genealogy Outstanding Achievement Award

Posted by: Jan Meisels Allen

Please join me in congratulating, Genie Milgrom, president, JGS of Greater Miami on being awarded the Florida State Genealogical Society's Genealogy Outstanding Achievement Award!  Genie's research involved the evidence of the Medieval Notary Records that helped her trace an unbroken maternal lineage as proof of Jewish roots found through Catholic records.  Genie has been able to trace back 15 grandmothers to her ancestral roots to Fermoselle, Spain.  Her research took her genealogical journey from Jewish (pre Inquisition) to Crypto Jewish to Catholic back to Jewish.  Genie's recently published book, My 15 Grandmothers tells her story--the Florida State Genealogy Award is not for the book, but for her extensive research which led to her writing the book.

Genie just returned from a trip to Fermoselle, Spain where the town's mayor proclaimed to be making an Official Act and handed her the Symbolic Key to the Jewish Quarter of The Village along with a Pergamino 
(a formal parchment used for writing) to serve as a Document of Historical Memory being given  to a descendent of the Jews that had lived in this town of Fermoselle. In history this is only the second time that a Mayor in Spain has given a Symbolic Key to a descendent of the Spanish Jews. 
The Florida State Genealogical Society Genealogy Outstanding Award in Genealogy is given to an individual,  society,  or institution to recognize contributions toward the promotion of genealogical interests or activities within the state of Florida. This could include a publication; a sustained work in the area of  extracting,  preserving, accumulating or collecting genealogical/historical data (regardless of what state in  which the data  originated or to what state they apply) for the genealogical community; an instructor of genealogy or local history; or  any person who has aided in furthering the interests of research in genealogy over a period of five (5) or more years. To read more about the award and award recipients go to:  The award was given on November 9, therefore, it may take a few days for Genie's name to be added to the list of previous award recipients on the above-mentioned website.  

Michael Milgrom, Genie's husband, nominated her for the award.
IAJGS is proud of the accomplishment that Genie has done as an example of the excellence that a Jewish genealogist achieved. It is an example for all of us to strive to attain.  IAJGS and its member societies are indeed fortunate to have leaders of such caliber.
Jan Meisels Allen,
IAJGS Vice President

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