Dear JewishGen,

I'm a new member, researching my husband's family, who were from Kishineff and settled in America in the early twentieth century.  On the JewishGen site I came across another member query listing Kishineff and a surname my husband had learned only recently had been the original family name.  The member who was posting had the same last name as my husband's mother's maiden name.  I thought there might be a connection, and it turned, when the two of us emailed, that there is family connection.  

The member's grandfather was cousin to my husband's mother.  A lovely phone conversation took place between my husband and the grandfather's widow, who at 92 remembers my husband's mother clearly... One interesting piece of information from this wonderful woman:  her recollection is that the family changed their Eastern European name to a Germanic name when one immigrant daughter married very early on--the whole family changed over to her married name.  I am very grateful to JewishGen for facilitating our connection and our increasing knowledge.  

All the best, 

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