This may be what you wished for!

Without any doubt, whether we know it or not as yet, every Jewish family has at least distant relatives in Israel. Haven't you always  wished that somehow you could just light upon them without bureaucratic delays or language obstacles? This might be the answer to your wishes!

The Israel Genealogy Research Association [IGRA] has recently developed  a new search engine that can search in both in  English and in Hebrew the many new All Israel Databases [AID] that IGRA has created and put up on its website [] These databases cover administrations from the Ottoman, British and modern Israeli periods, and range to communities and various fields of endeavor over the entire area. Each database is presented in the language of the original material, so that most are in Hebrew, some are in English and a few in other languages as well. The new search engine is able to comprehend both English and Hebrew and will bring up matches in both languages, even if a name was entered in only one language. There is also a virtual keyboard available for those who do not have a Hebrew keyboard available but who want to search in Hebrew. On the right side of the page, there are additional filters to help you fine tune your search. 

The databases and search engine page are available to all registered users. Registration is free. You must be sure to log in to use the databases. Should you not have permission to access information, you will be so informed. Due to sets of restrictions from various archives, accessibility to the data is layered: There are unrestricted databases; there are those that permit a search but limit some details; other databases are open only for paid IGRA members. The same holds true for database images. There are presently more than 100,000 records from 85 databases, with more being added as they are completed. If you would like to volunteer to help database these important records,  your joining the team would be a blessing! Please contact:

Remember, registration for the site is free, but you are encouraged to support the work by becoming a member.

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