Tree of Life Society

Dear Friends,

The seeds for the perpetuation of our collective Jewish family history and heritage were planted in 1987 by a group of individuals who founded JewishGen as an online bulletin board.
From this humble beginning, few could have imagined that JewishGen would transform into the premier online resource for Jewish genealogy, utilized by thousands of people on a daily basis.
The JewishGen Tree of Life Society recognizes those who support JewishGen's important work by including us in their will. If you have already included JewishGen in your will, or you intend to, please consider letting us know so that we can honor you appropriately.
Members of the Society are recognized through a special section on our website, in our annual reports, and at the annual IAJGS conferences. 
We do not require any official documentation of your intention. 
To become a member of the Society, please contact Avraham Groll, Director of Business Operations, at 646-437-4326 or email 
Thank you in advance for your meaningful and continued support. 
Warren Blatt
Managing Director,

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