Update: Warszawa Research Group

Posted by Hadassah Lipsius

The Warszawa Research Group began the indexing of Life Cycle events from the Warszawa Newspapers over 10 years ago.  Our first project was indexing the 1937-1939 marriage announcements from the Glos Gminy. Not only is the data indexed but the images are now available from the University of Warszawa website.  For one child survivor, this database contained the only remaining documentation of her deceased parents.  Information on that database came be found at http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/warsaw/warsmarr.htm  

Our second project was to index the death notices from the Newspaper Nasz Przeglad, which was published from 1923 through September 1939.  We first began by indexing 1923, 1937-1938 but then the project was dormant for a while.  I am happy to announce that we are once again indexing the death notices and now 1924-1927 has been recently added to Jewishgen's All Poland Database.    More information can be found at

Since much of the Warszawa Post World War I vital records data was destroyed, this information may be the only death information you will find on your family.  Some of the announcements are for former Warszawa residents who at the time of their death resided in places like Tel Aviv or Toronto, Ontario or Buffalo, NY or Baden Baden.

All can be searched from the All Poland Database found at http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Poland/

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