Thursday, February 14, 2013

Above and Beyond

By Ann Rabinowitz
B-17 Heavy Bomber Crew, 1948

The forthcoming ducumentary feature “Above and Beyond:  The Birth of the Israeli Air Force” is presently in production under the auspices of Playmount Productions.  It is the inspiring and adventurous story of the American Machal volunteers during Israel’s War of Independence who helped to build the Israeli Air Force and win the war.  The contact for the production is Steven Spielberg’s sister, Nancy Spielberg, who can be reached at

A sample reel of the documentary is available at the following link:
Further info on the American as well as other volunteers can be found on the following sites:

·         Aliyah Bet and Machal Virtual Museum which is located at the University of Florida Hillel Building:
·         World Machal organization:
·         Israeli Air Force:
·         American Veterans of Israel:

There are many other resources too numerous to mention, but the above should provide an initial foray into this fascinating and exciting topic.




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