Announcement: JewishGen Canada Database

JewishGen is pleased to announce the "JewishGen Canada Database", a multi-database search facility containing nearly a quarter of a million records of Jews living in Canada.

The "JewishGen Canada Database" searches all of JewishGen's records for Canada, as well as external databases from the Canadian Jewish Heritage Network (CJHN).  The database is a work in progress, and new entries will being added regularly.  The database is located at:

Components of the "JewishGen Canada Database" include:

* The JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) --
     More than 3,800 surnames and towns of Jewish families of interest to genealogists researching Canadian Jewry.

* The JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) --
     168,000 records of Jewish burials in cemeteries in Canada.
       + Alberta (5 cemeteries, 3,722 burials)
       + British Columbia (7 cemeteries, 6,788 burials)
       + Manitoba (8 cemeteries, 15,235 burials)
       + New Brunswick (1 cemetery, 947 burials)
       + Ontario (274 cemeteries, 85,048 burials)
       + Québec (132 cemeteries, 55,898 burials)
       + Saskatchewan (1 cemetery, 741 burials)

* The JewishGen Memorial Plaques Database --
     Information from synagogue yahrzeit plaques.

 * The Canadian Jewish Heritage Network (CJHN) --
     More than 67,000 records from Canadian Jewish archival sources,
     currently including:
       + Jewish Colonization Association (JCA) -
            settler reports from western Canada and Québec (1906-1951).
       + Obituaries from the "Keneder Adler" (Montreal, 1908-1932)
            full text, translated from the Yiddish.
       + Hebrew Sick Benefit Association of Montreal -
            membership listings from 1897-1945.
       + Canadian Jewish Casualties in the Canadian Armed Forces -
            World War I, World War II, and the Korean War.
       + Saint John, New Brunswick -
            Jewish Residents, Businesses, Burials & Obituaries.
       + Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS) -
            client name lists from 1922-1952.

 * Montreal Jewish General Hospital Archives --
     More than 4,000 records, such as contribution cards from 1929.

Our appreciation goes to The Canadian Jewish Heritage Network, for
allowing JewishGen to access their data, to the Jewish Genealogical
Societies of Montreal and Toronto, for the donation of Jewish cemetery
data to JOWBR, and to the Montreal Jewish General Hospital Archives. 

In conjunction with the new "JewishGen Canada Database", I'm also
happy to announce a major update to the JewishGen InfoFile
"Guide to Canadian Jewish Genealogical Research", compiled by
Bruce Brown, at:

The "JewishGen Canada Database" can be found at:


Warren Blatt
Managing Director, JewishGen

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