Announcment - New ROM-SIG Project Bucharest Records Project

We are happy to announce the Bucharest Records project. The objective of the Bucharest Records Project is to acquire legible images of birth, marriage, and death records of Jewish families from Bucharest in Romania. The transcribed records will be then be incorporated into the “JewishGen Romania Database” at  These records are from the Bucharest Municipal Archives branch of the National Archives of Romania.

In order to make this project a success we need your donations for this project. Please donate today at

We also need people who can translate these records from Romanian. If you are able to help us, volunteer by filling out the form at

ROM-SIG is on a roll - watch us go!!

Bob Wascou ROM-SIG Research Coordinator
Rosanne Leeson & Jeni Armandez ROM-SIG Co-cordinators

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