First Ever IAJGS Conference LIVE! Video Streaming Globally to Jewish Genealogists

Posted by Marlis Humphrey

IAJGS Conference LIVE! will provide a valuable service to the global Jewish genealogical community – providing accessibility to thousands of people, young and old, to a source of new-found knowledge and ultimately enabling them to discover their ancestors, cousins, and a thread of common identity.

The first ever IAJGS Conference LIVE! will use the latest video streaming technology to live broadcast from the 33rd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy. Annually, the International Association of Jewish Genealogy (IAJGS) brings the best minds and knowledge in the field of Jewish genealogy to its conference. This year, the conference, co-hosted by the IAJGS and the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston (JGSGB) will be held in Boston August 4 - 9 and more than 1,000 attendees from 17 countries will attend. Via LIVE! video streaming, however, anyone in any location with the desire to learn more about their Jewish family history will be able to tap into this knowledge and attend the event via the Internet.

LIVE! will broadcast approximately 50 sessions over five days from the Boston venue. LIVE! participants will be able to view the sessions in real time via an Internet connection to a computer or tablet or smartphone. Sessions will also be available for playback for three months after the conference. Handouts, where provided by the speaker, will be available via download. LIVE! participants will be able to ask questions of the speakers and panelists via Twitter. LIVE! participants will be able to join either by paying a daily fee or a fee for the entire five days of sessions. IAJGS Conference LIVE! is being produced by the IAJGS, FamilySearch, and thanks to the generosity of Harvey Krueger. To view the schedule of LIVE! sessions, to learn more about IAJGS Conference LIVE!, and to register, go to

About the 33rd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
The IAJGS conference, held this year in Boston August 4 - 9, is the premiere conference on Jewish genealogy. The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies and the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston are co-hosts. The conference features more than 300 lectures and workshops bringing together, from around the world, the best minds in Jewish genealogy to share, to learn and to discover.

About IAJGS Conference LIVE!
Held in conjunction with the 33rd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, LIVE! features approximately 50 sessions video streamed via the Internet. Learn more at

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