Memorial Plaque Project Launches With 30,000 Records. Please help us grow!

JewishGen is proud to announce its 2013 initial year report for the Memorial Plaque Project database. The MPP database can be accessed at   The MPP database includes the data from plaques and Yizkor lists from synagogue and other organizations.  Many of these sources include patronymic information.

In its initial year, the database includes close to 30,000 records from the US, Israel and British Columbia.  These records come from 46 different synagogues and other institutions.

We believe that the MPP is a good example of how users of JewishGen’s databases can “give back”.  If you are a member of a synagogue or other organization with memorial plaques or Yizkor lists, please consider helping us to grow this database.  You can find more information on submitting data at   If you have additional questions, please contact me directly.

Of particular note in this update are the following additions:
  • Boston Area, Massachusetts. Thanks to David Rosen, who is coordinating submissions from the JGS of Greater Boston in time for the summer IAJGS Conference.  David’s team of volunteers have been working at this project for over 6 months and are credited with submitting 16,000 records from 30 institutions.
  • Bialystoker Center, NY.  Thanks to Mark Halpern for coordinating the submission of 4,000 records from the Bialystoker Center in Manhattan.
  • White Plains, NY.  Thanks to Alan Steinfeld for coordinating the submission of 2,250 records from Congregation Kol Ami.
  • Albany, NY.  Thanks to Professor Barry Trachtenberg and the students of his “American Jewish Experience” class at the University at Albany, State University of New York, for photographing, indexing and submitting 2,100 records from B'Nai Shalom Reform Congregation and Temple Israel in Albany, NY.
  • Oakdale, NY. Thanks to Karen Smollins for coordinating the submission of 1,550 records from the B'nai Israel Reform Temple in Oakdale, NY.
  • Huntington, NY.  Thanks to Sandy Masnick for coordinating the submission of 750 records from Temple Beth El in Huntington, NY.
  • Bronx, NY.  Thanks to Roberta Solit for photographing and indexing 650 records from Temple Emanuel of Parkchester in the Bronx.
  • Whether your name or records are listed above, we appreciate all your submissions!  Thank you to all the donors that submitted information for this update.

Nolan Altman
JewishGen Acting VP for Data Acquisition
July, 2013

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