Spielberg Holocaust Testimonials Now Available at Yad Vashem

Visitors to Yad Vashem are getting access to the world's largest visual Holocaust archive, officials at the institution said Thursday, because of the work of famed film director Steven Spielberg.

The collection (at the USC Shoah Foundation Institute) now has nearly 52,000 testimonials.

Copying and moving the files from Los Angeles to Israel took nearly two months of work, but now the foundation's testimonials are available at Yad Vashem, along with its own 10,000 testimonials.

Friends and relatives of Holocaust survivors and other visitors can search for testimonials by using survivors' names. Michael Lieber, a Yad Vashem official, said he hopes visitors will be able to search using more abstract criteria, like life details or family connections, within a year.

The Shoah Foundation has catalogued in detail more than 90 percent of its 200,000 hours of footage, Lieber said. Copying and transporting the footage with basic logs, like name and country, took about two months, but he said it will take more funding and time to transfer more detailed logs.

Yad Vashem also hopes to make the testimonials available globally by putting them on the Internet, but Lieber said this was a complicated task. (Source:JPOST) 

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