Surprise Discoveries at Australian Genealogical Conference

Participants at the first Australian Jewish Genealogical Conference held in Canberra discovered some surprising family connections.

Delegates Evie Katz and Rose Gunsberger discovered that they were born at the same hospital in Shanghai where their families were refugees from the Nazis.

Peter Nash and Professor Ben Selinger learned they were connected via their fathers’ interlocking professional lives in pre-war Berlin.

And Enid Yoffa Elton and Cecily Parris found they shared the same great-grandfather, who had come to Australia in 1847 from Krakow via England.

Hosting a reception for conference participants, [Israeli] Ambassador Rotem, whose family name was formerly Frenkel, recounted his emotional discovery of surviving family members from Poland in Melbourne.

That astounded conference participant Sarah Meinhart, who now plans to check whether she might also be related to Rotem via her mother’s Frankiel family from Poland.

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  1. Wonderful news re family links found at this recent conference in Australia, but not entirely unexpected. If you talk and are aware, you usually find some links.

    I hope you do not think I am nitpicking, but in the past few weeks, we have had "geneology" and above we have had "Click here to visit the Australian Jewish ***Geneaological*** Society website.

    If I come across the word ***cemetary*** in this blog, I will give up hope!

    Remember, you are the mouthpiece of Jewishgen.

    November 13, 2008 5:54 AM


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