Berlin gives US museum list of Jews in Nazi Germany

The first comprehensive list of Jews who were living in Germany when the Nazis came to power was given to a US museum on Wednesday, providing a detailed picture of the population before the Holocaust.

German culture minister Bernd Neumann gave the list of Jewish residents in Germany from 1933 to 1945 to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in a ceremony in Washington on Wednesday.

From some 2.5 million pages of data, about 600,000 people of the Jewish faith have been identified so far. The directory is to be continuously updated with information from the German national archives, and will be being used for historical purposes as well as for family research.

...the document provides an overview of the names and residences of Germany's Jews, including records detailing their migration, imprisonment or deportation during World War II, as well their as dates and places of death.

The list was first given to the Yad Vashem memorial, during a visit to Israel by Neumann last year. The data will now be made available to researchers and family members in the United States for the first time. (CJP)

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