Rebecca Rubin A Criminal? They Should Have Checked With JewishGen First...

At first glance, this story from the Buzz (and reported here) has nothing to do with genealogy. But then after reading Ron Arons' book, you never know!

Here is the story
Oy veh. If the FBI comes calling to an American Girl store, it won't be for tea. Seems the latest doll unveiled by the maker of multi-ethnic, meticulously researched characters, is a Jewish-Russian immigrant from 1914 named Rebecca Rubin—and she already has a criminal record.
Unfortunately, the toymaker didn't cross-check the newest doll's name with the FBI. If so, they would have realized she shares it rather infamously with a wanted suspect.
Rebecca Rubin, American doll, is nine years old, 18 inches tall and resides in Manhattan. She can come with a toy kitten and challah bread. Rebecca Rubin, arsonist, is at large and comes with a $50,000 award and "should be considered armed and dangerous," according to her FBI poster.
Only one is a criminal, but many girls are sure to argue that it would be a crime if they don't get their Rebecca Rubin doll.

UPDATE: Be sure to read the post about the new doll on the MJH Staff Blog

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