1827-1865 Ostrow Mazowiecka Marriage (Alegata) Records - Now Online

Posted by Stanley Diamond

On behalf of the Ostrow Mazowiecka Research Family and volunteer Judie Ostroff Goldstein, I am pleased to announce that full extracts of the 1827-1865 marriage alegata records are now online in the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland (JRI-Poland) database.

These indices were created from the alegata rather than the marriage records themselves. Alegata (also known as Marriage Supplements or Annexes) are a group of documents that form a more detailed record of the betrothal than the marriage record alone.

In addition to the marriage registration, Alegata files typically include at least the birth records for the bride and groom. Other documents relating to the bride and groom or their parents may also form part of the Alegata file, such as the marriage banns, a record of divorce or army record. The marriage banns were typically issued in the town of residence of the groom. When a birth record could not be produced by the bride or groom, a protocol (sworn statement from witnesses with details of the birth) was created.

The search results include include the following information for both the bride and groom:
  • Type, Year, Akt (record)#
  • Surname and Given Name(s)
  • Father and Mother Name(s)
  • Father's Father's Name(s) for most entries
  • Indication if father is deceased
  • Age, Year and Place of Birth and Birth Akt # in the town of birth
  • Current place of Residents
  • Occupation
  • Remarks (often the name and date of death of previous spouse).
Since marriages were often between individuals not residing in Ostrow Mazowiecka, the information in these records provide invaluable pointers to further research in the records of other towns. 

For a full description of the Marriage Alegata records extracting project, please go to the home page of the Ostrow Mazowiecka Research Family at www.ostrow-mazowiecka.com/

Thanks again to Judie Ostroff Goldstein for providing us with this invaluable database.

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