US man to be deported for alleged WWII shootings

The US has initiated deportation proceedings against a Michigan resident alleged to have shot Jews at the behest of the Nazis, the US Department of Justice announced Monday.
John Kalymon, 88, is believed to have served in the Nazi-sponsored Ukrainian Auxiliary Police during World War II, during which time he killed at least one Jewish civilian as part of "violent anti-Jewish operations in which Jews were forcibly deported to be murdered in gas chambers and to serve as slave laborers," according to the announcement.
US authorities note that Kalymon acknowledged that he fled with retreating German forces in 1944, and allege that the former Chrysler engineer of Troy, Michigan, concealed his AUP service and other wartime activities on his immigration forms, becoming a US citizen in 1955. US law allows deportation for individuals who covered up such activities when applying for US citizenship. (JPOST)

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