Volunteer Profile: Ann Rabinowitz

Posted by Joanna Leefer

Ann Rabinowitz
Assistant Blog Coordinator

If you read the JewishGen blog, you are probably already a fan of Ann Rabinowitz’s writings and contribution to Jewish genealogy. Ann is the assistant coordinator for the JewishGen blog, frequently submitting articles that cover a vast array of topics that are interesting and helpful to those researching their Jewish family history. Ann has been personally responsible for connecting families across several continents as a result of her writing on the blog and elsewhere.

Many of her topics involve extensive research and a willingness to explore the complexity of her subject matter. Her latest project has been a profile of Harry Spanier, the only American Jew who fought in the Second Boer War on the side of the Boers and perished at the Battle of Surprise Hill on December 11, 1899. The profile was completed for the dedication of a plaque in his honor in commemoration of the 110th Anniversary of the battle in which he fell.

Ann also plays an important role in formulating strategic direction for the blog and increasing the number of contributors. As her posts generally receive a lot of feedback, she will often spend considerable amount of time answering queries that readers post in the comments section or via email.

In addition to her blog postings, Ann is on the Board of the Litvak SIG and is one of the American coordinators for the SA SIG as well as being a member of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Palm Beach County, Inc., and the JGS (NY). Apart from genealogy, she has authored many short stories, works of poetry, and articles on food anthropology or ethnic foods and is an avid gardener.

Ann is a native of Manchester, England, where her mother’s family from Boryslaw and Drohobycz, Ukraine settled. She is a graduate of Florida State University and did further course work there as well as at Emory University and the University of Maryland. Currently, she lives in South Florida and works as an office manager in a local government information technology department. JewishGen is grateful to have such a prolific and talented member as part of its roster of volunteers. Thanks for all your great contributions, Ann.

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  1. Ann,
    Having done a lot of work with volunteers over the years, I appreciate how hard you work and how easy it looks to everyone else. Mazel tov!

  2. Ann is a diligent and creative researcher and an incisive writer whose contributions to the JewishGen Blog and to "Dorot: The Journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society" (New York) are of immense value. Thank you, Ann.

    Joy Rich
    "Dorot: The Journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society" (New York)

  3. Ann is a thorough researcher, who writes so well on such a variety of subjects ... I'm sure that she has quite a Fan Club out there!

  4. Thank you Anne! Over the years you have given me, stranger to you, mass of advice and help. With your input I have graduated from a total novice to a beginner and am still learning.


  5. She is wonderful, helpful, nice to work with, friendly, and smart!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I want to personally thank Ann Rebinowitz and all the other volunteers who make life so pleasant for us amateurs. It's something I wish I had the time to do, but I thank all those who work for us on a volunteer basis.

    Thank you, Ann.

  7. Thanks, Ann, for a great job.

  8. Thank you, Ann, for being such a helpful person with a wonderful body of knowledge when it comes to Jewish Genealogy.

  9. Thank you, Ann, for being a creative and responsive researcher. I am grateful for your prompt responses to my inquiries.
    Howard V. Epstein
    Decatur, GA
    December 21,2009
    5:34 p.m.

  10. Hi Ann,
    I'm trying to figure out how to reach you. I am working on a small publication of my great grandmother's memoirs (basically for the use of the family) and want to include a photo I found in one of your blogs of Tzar Nicholas the II. Is the a way I can get permission. How do I go about doing that?

  11. Ann, I didn't send you my e-mail it's smadarmx@yahoo.com


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