Scar on John Demjanjuk's arm may be the site of a former SS tattoo

A scar on John Demjanjuk's arm may be the site of a former SS tattoo, a police doctor has told the German court where the Ukraine-born man is accused of war crimes.

The SS routinely marked its auxiliaries with their blood group code so they could be identified and treated in emergencies.

Wolfgang Eisenmenger said Demjanjuk, 90, had an oval scar about one centimetre across on the inner upper side of his left arm. This was consistent with skin changes after a tattoo had been removed.

"It has a faint bluish-green colour," added the pathologist, who is former head of the Munich Forensic Medicine Institute.

Eisenmenger executed a court order to survey Demjanjuk's body for tattoos after the Ohio man was expelled last year from his US home.

Demjanjuk has been on trial since last year. He is accused of being an accessory to the murders of 27,900 Jews during 1943 at Sobibor extermination camp.

Eisenmenger was also called to testify on how death in a gas chamber caused far more physical and mental suffering than other forms of death.

He said that being gassed as one of 80 people in a 16-square-metre gas chamber would have been an "indescribable torment." (Earth Times)

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