Stalin Twice Called Off Hitler Assassination Attempts

The Soviet leadership had at least two real chances to assassinate Adolf Hitler, but Stalin cancelled the plans over fears that Nazi Germany could strike a separate peace deal with the West, a retired Russian general said on Tuesday.

"A concrete plan to assassinate Hitler in his bunker was developed, but Stalin suddenly cancelled it in 1943 over fears that after Hitler's death his associates would conclude a separate peace treaty with Britain and the United States," Gen. (Ret.) Anatoly Kulikov, the chairman of the Club of Military Commanders, told a conference on military history in Moscow.

"We have documental evidence confirming that these talks took place," he added.

He also said Soviet Union had a second opportunity to kill Hitler in 1944 when the intended assassin managed to infiltrate Hitler's entourage and had a high degree of trust among the German leadership.

"A detailed assassination plan was prepared, but Stalin cancelled it again," the former general said.(RIAN)

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