Journal of a Lifetime

From the Los Angeles Jewish Journal

This year’s 30th annual International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) brings to Los Angeles an organization that helped me during the years I spent researching my own family’s history for my book “How Will I Know Where I’m Going, If I Don’t Know Where I’ve Been? A Genealogical Journey.”

I started my book as an amateur — with no experience nor even much interest in genealogy before I started researching — and ended up being able to trace the roots of my family back to the mid-1800s. In the process, I discovered dozens of new cousins — some completely uninterested in my quest, others eager to get involved.

I joined, a Web site with thousand of databases, research tools and resources for starting out on the genealogical quest. I began conducting searches for the surname Ruderman and for the Russian towns that may have been Grysk.

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