The final moments of Nazi Heinrich Himmler

From The Daily Mail

The final moments of Nazi Heinrich Himmler can be revealed 65 years after his suicide following the discovery of an old soldier's war diaries.

Corporal Harry Oughton Jones wrote an account of his top-secret encounter with the head of Hitler's SS police force while he was stationed at a prison camp at the end of the war.

According to his personal recollections, Hitler's number two bit on a cyanide capsule and dropped down dead.

And while Himmler's final words are widely believed to have been: 'I am Heinrich Himmler', according to the diaries he laughed in the face of a young officer before swallowing the pill.

Unbeknown to the British, Himmler was among the German soldiers captured after the Nazi surrender - disguised in a sergeant's uniform with a patch over one eye.

But his ruse was blown by his own shocked comrades who immediately informed their British captors of Himmler's presence.

Corporal Jones - then 27 - and another officer were tasked with challenging Himmler before he took his life.

According to the diary he scoffed: 'You my boy are just a young captain and to take me I want to see your colonel in charge.'

His account continued: 'As we made to get him he just put his hand to his mouth and before we got to him he dropped dead on the bed.'

Two days later and under the cover of darkness, Corporal Jones helped bury Himmler in an unmarked grave on Luneburg Heath, in northern Germany.

He was made to sign the Official Secrets Act and told never to speak of the matter again.

The episode has been classified by the Ministry of Defence until 2045 - 100 years after the momentous event.

Due to the level of secrecy involved, there have been various speculative accounts of Himmler's death over the years, with one being that he took cyanide while being examined by a British doctor.

But the actual circumstances of his demise have emerged following Corporal Jones' recent death aged 92.

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