Update: Hungarian Vital Records Project

Posted by Sam Schleman

I am pleased to announce a major update to the JewishGen Hungarian Database of approximately 80,000 new vital records, bringing the total number of vital records on-line to over 360,000. The total number of records in the database is now around 900,000.

New Records:
Stomfa, Szilsarkany, Papa, Petroha,Kapolcs, Bokony, Sopron, Duna-Szerdahely, Kiraly-Helmecz, Ujfeherto,Fehergyarmat, Galszecs, Sztropko, Mezokasony, Pozsony and Budapest, including the Pest Orthodox records.

There are several things of particular note in this update.
  1. The inclusion of both neolog and orthodox marriages (partial) from Pozsony, now Bratislava, which records only became accessible relatively recently.
  2. The inclusion of the records for Kiraly-Helmecz, which are not available from LDS.
  3. The completion of all the births and marriages for Pest. There are over 80,000 Pest births alone.
A lot of people contributed considerable effort and skill to these accomplishments. They include Eva Abraham, Susan Ades, Roger Adler, Tomas Adler, Ann Armoza, Arie Beck, Diane Berg, Mary Blumenstein, Anne Buchanan, Shari & Asher Buxbaum, Gizella Czene, Wolf-Erich Eckstein, Bob Fisch, Ruth Gartenberg, Miriam & David Gordon, Ava Gorkin, Imre Grosz, Peter Gyrenes,
Tamas Hajdu, Pamela Hayter, Tom Heinesdorf, Agi Herman, Peter Hidas, Andras Hirschler, Debra Holman, Sara Israeli, Susan Kalish, Karen Katz, Larry Kohn, Ilan Kozma, Vera Kwait, Mir Laska, Margarita Lacko, David Laufer, Lois Levick, Esther Levinson, Julie Lockwood, Sandy Malek, Cheryl Meyer, Alex Miller, Judi Gyori Missel, Peggy Morrow, Laszlo Oberlander, Judy Petersen, Itzik Popper, Aaron Rosenberg, Andrew & Judith Sanders, Charlene Segot, Anne Selikov, Pat Shaw, Al Silberman, Roslyn Snow, Judy Spielman, Lynne Steensma, Terri Stern, Jennifer Strike, Naomi Strobach, Robyn Trytell, George Urban, Susanna Vendel, Barbara Wasser, Judy Kloogman Weinstein, and Marelynn Zipser.

That's an extraordinary number of people who have made an extraordinary contribution to Jewish genealogy. We are all in their debt. Please join me in thanking them.

Coming attractions for next Spring:
Nagyvarad (Oradea); Er-Mihalyfalva (Valea lui Mihai); Marghita; Beius; all Pest deaths, thus completing Budapest on-line; Lackenbach; Homonna; Michalovce; more Pozsony records; and the completion of Szeged.

Good hunting!!

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