Jewish Heritage Trip to Lithuania

Posted by Howard Margol

Peggy Freedman and I are organizing our 18th annual Jewish Heritage Trip to Lithuania for July, 2011. The group spends time in Vilnius and in Kaunas. During the trip, two days are set aside during which group members can visit the areas of their personal choice. A car, driver, and guide/interpreter are arranged. From Vilnius, it is easy to go to Latvia, Belarus, and Eastern Poland as the distances are not great. The size of the group will be limited to 25 members.

This is not a commercial venture. Neither Peggy nor I receive any personal remuneration from the trip. The trip is sponsored by the American Fund For Lithuanian-Latvian Jews, Inc. If there is any profit from the trip, 100% of the profit goes to various Jewish communities in Lithuania. For full details about the trip, please visit

Howard Margol & Peggy Freedman

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