Know thy ancestors

From ShalomLife

Genealogy or perhaps “Jewnealogy”? If you've ever wondered where your ancestors came from or how many generations back your family is Jewish then finally you can get some definite answers and see your history as reflected in each piece of your chromosomes.

23andMe, a private biotechnology company from California, is now offering a unique DNA test, which can tell whether your ancestral origins were Jewish. The test measures approximately one million singles letters of DNA, scattered across the genome and can show some of the rarest genetic traits.

Traditionally, DNA test have been based on only two small parts of the human genome. The first is the Y-chromosome, which is usually inherited from the father as-is by the son. The second part is the mitochondria, which is passed from mothers to her children.

Click here to read the entire article and here to learn more about DNA testing from JewishGen's DNA partners.

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