National Archives (USA) And Federal Budget Cuts

Posted by Jan Meisels Allen

President Obama sent his proposed federal FY 2012 budget request to Congress earlier this week. In the proposed budget for the National Archives he called for an 8.2 percent decrease from the FY 2011 request. Congress has not yet passed a FY 2011 budget and the government is running under a continuing resolution holding spending levels at the 2010 level for at least the National Archives. The details of which areas are being effected in operations to save funds is discussed in the following press release by US Archivist David S. Ferriero:

Following the release of the proposed FY 2012 budget, rumors started to abound including on digests, blogs etc. as to which staff would be let go, and which services stopped. To put the proposed reduced budget funding into a realistic picture and correct the rumors that were fast multiplying, Archivist Ferriero responded with a statement indicating across the board cuts would not work and the difficult choice was made to reduce the library program in the Washington, DC area by October 1, 2011. No new purchases will be made at the Washington site for the collections. Both the Washington DC area Archives I and II will remain open but with reduced staff. The staff effected will be reassigned. To read Archivist Ferriero's statement go to:

Jan Meisels Allen
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