British Library Sound Collections: Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust

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The British Library has created an Archival Sound Collection that includes a major project entitled the Living Memory of the Jewish Community which was recorded during 1988-2000.

As part of this larger project, approximately sixty-four (64) interviews with Jewish Holocaust survivors in the United Kingdom (UK) have been made accessible online.  Many of the interviews were conducted by Jewish genealogist Ros Livshin of Manchester, England, and other such experts.

The interviews are arranged in alphabetical order by the name the person was known by at the time of the interview.  Many times, this name is an Anglicized version of their original name.  Or, in the case where the interviewee is a woman, her maiden or original name is oftentimes provided.
The following are the names of the interviewees and where they were from:
ANSON, Martin (Leutershausen, Germany)
AUGSTEIN, Margaret (Laun, CZ)
BEALE, Mendel (Sompolna, PO)
BERNSTEIN, Fela (Lodz, PO)
BIBER, Toby (Mielec, PO)
BIRKIN, Edith (Prague, CZ)
COLLINS, Renate (Germany)
DUCHIN, Edgar (London/Germany)
ENGELBERG, Philip (Berlin, Germany)
FELDMAN, Gisela [Knetor] (Berlin, Germany)
FERSTER, Chaim (Sosnowitz, PO)
FISCHL, Lily (Vienna, Austria)
FOSTER, Ruth (Lingen an der Emms, Germany)
FREIMAN, Solomon (Jeziorna-Konstancin, PO)
FRENKEL, Morris (Lodz, PO)
FUCHS, Jan (Sudentanland, CZ)
GALETZKA, Trudy (Buchabach, Germany)
GOLD, Margaret [Hoffman] (Ujpest, Hungary)
GOLDING, Maurice [Auscaler] (Wloclawek, PO)
GROVES, Rose [Roszi Gluck] (Hungary/Oradea Mare, Rumania)
GUNZ, Jack (Zemter, Yugoslavia)
GUNZ, Olga (Mako, Hungary)
GUTERMAN, Henry (Berlin, Germany)
HABER, Nadina [Stern] (Zemter, Yugoslavia)
HEIMLER, Brigette [Brigette Schulze] (Penig, E. Germany)
HEIMLER, Eugene (Hungary)
HERDAN, Lily (Ujpest, Hungary)
HERSH, Arek [Hershlicovich] (Sheradz, PO, mother Konin, PO & Toledo, Spain)
IGIELMAN, Charlie (Bialobrzegi, PO)
KAHAN, Xenia (Vindau, Latvia)
KENNEDY, Claudette (Bourg-la-Reine, Paris, France)
KOHN, Henry (Czeladz, Silesia)
LASKER-WALLBISCH, Anita (Breslau, Germany)
LEOWY, Charles (Bratislava, CZ)
LEVI, Trude (Hungary)
MARCHAND, Ernest (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)
MEISSNER, Erna (Prague, CZ
NORTON, Lottie [Lottie Meyer] (Hamburg, Germany
PERL, Josef (Ukraine)
POLLOCK, Lili [Lili Schwarz] (Vienna, Austria)
RAND, Bernard (Kolomyya, PO)
REIFER, Shmuel (Chrzanow, PO)
ROBERTSON, Wlodja [father Lucien Blit/mother Fela Herzlich] (Warsaw, PO)
ROSLYN, Mary (London, parents Lodz, PO)
RUBENS, Anna Louba (Baku)
SANTCROSS, Jack (Amsterdam, Netherland)
SAUNDERS, Vernon [Werner Schwartz](Berlin, Germany)
SCHAUFELD, Vera (father CZ, mother Iserlohn, Westphalia)
SHERWOOD, Leslie [Laszlo Szusz] (Budapest, Hungary)
SINCLAIR, Ilse [Ilse Guttentag] (Hamburg & Posen, Germany)
SOUZA, Liselotte (Prague, CZ)
STANTON, Miriam (Warsaw, PO)
STEIF, Bernard (Krakow, PO)
STERNBERG, Sonia (Berlin, Germany)
STIMLER, Barbara (Alexandrow-Kinjawski, PO)
TAICHNER, Helen [Rosenberg] (Novy Dvor, PO, father Zelva, Lithuania, mother Lida, Lithuania)
WINEMAN, Freda (father Frankfurt, Germany & mother Lodz, PO)
WINTER, Oskar (Berlin, Germany)
WINTON, Nicholas (Hampstead, London & parents Germany)
YUDT, Rosa (Berlin, Germany)
ZALIELAK, Rena (Warsaw, PO)
ZIMMERMAN, Cecily (London & father Lithuania)
ZINRAM, Polly (Kostell, S. Moravia)
These interviews are truly a treasure of information from the survivors about their families, where they lived, and the circumstances that befell them and their relatives during World War II.  It is also an opportunity to hear how they pronounce the names and places from their homelands.

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