Genealogy helps group prove Jewish roots

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel has recognized the Chuetas of Palma de Majorca as Jewish. 

The Cheutas trace their roots back to the  Spanish island of Majorca, where they were persecuted relentlessly. Many of the Chuetas have documentation of their family lines, often going back 500 years and it was their ability to prove their genealogy that helped gain their recognition as Jews.

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  1. It would be useful to print the 15 names? I tried a quick search on the Internet and did not readily see them. Does anyone know?

  2. This is from Wiki:

    Xueta surnames

    The Xueta surnames are: Aguiló, Bonnin, Cortès, Fortesa, Fuster, Martí, Miró, Picó, Pinya/Piña, Pomar, Segura, Tarongí, Valentí, Valleriola and Valls; Picó and Segura are not found among those condemned by the Inquisition, nor is Valentí, which was originally the nickname of a family who were then known as Fortesa.

    Notice that many of those surnames are also very common in the general population of Catalan-speaking territories.

    Surnames Galiana, Moyà and Sureda figure among the penitents without having been considered Xuetes.

    There are other surnames in Majorca that clearly are of Jewish origin, e.g., Abraham, Daviu, Duran, Jordà, Maimó, Salom, and Vidal. These derive from a broader converso community.

    Inquisition registers from the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th century document more than 330 surnames among those condemned in Majorca. The persistence of the group might be explained by it having conserved a particular community structure on certain streets and in professional and mercantile guilds, as well as a complex system of familial alliances, far more than the clandestine practice of Judaism did, which was by no means universal.

  3. here is an article from HaModia about it


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