Update: Yizkor Book Project

Posted by Lance Ackerfeld
As we head out into the long hot summer or the long cold winter, for those on the other side of the planet, I have to report that June was yet another "hyperactive" month for the Yizkor Book Project. 

Quite a large number of new books and entries were added and notably, a new Translation project has been added this month for Dej, Romania (Des, Hungary) and we are looking for financial support for this project in order to allow those of you with roots there to read about the people and thriving culture that existed before the Holocaust. If you feel able to assist in helping to finance this or any of our currently running translation projects, please click here.

June also saw the addition of a large number of necrologies which not only immortalize the names of our loved ones but also can provide their family relationships, professions, dates of birth and more or these people. As such, these lists are also an invaluable genealogical resource and to assist in research, the names from the necrologies are periodically added to the searchable Yizkor Book Necrology Database.

These days, this important but time-taking work of adding to the database is carried out by Max Heffler, who also carries out a myriad of other tasks for JewishGen and elsewhere. I would truly like to spread the heavy load which these days falls heavily on Max's shoulders alone and am eager to hear from any of you who have some time to help in preparing the lists in Excel which are then added to the database.

As far as the June figures go, we added 9 new projects:
We have added the following 27 new entries:
We also have added updates to 26 of our existing projects:
The Yizkor Book Project now contains 1,301 entries, 627 books, 9,468 pages, 20,023 images and we continue to grow and grow with all of your help.

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