Vilnius, Lithuania Internal Passport Records

Posted by Howard Margol
I received another 734 Vilnius Internal Passport  records.

While those listed lived in Vilnius mainly in 1921 in this  group, many were born in many different places other than in Vilnius or even in  Lithuania. Their street address where they lived is included; their date of  birth; their occupation; father's name; maiden name where applicable;  etc.

This makes a total of 1,039 records translated so far. This is a  drop in the bucket compared to the total records available. It is a slow process because I only have one translator who is capable of translating the records because they are in Polish. Hopefully, I will be able to add one or two more translators in the near future.

If you would like to receive all of the  Vilnius Internal Passport records as they are translated, please contribute a  minimum of $100 to  Feel  free to use your credit card as the site is secure. In case you do  contribute, please let me know so I can send the records to you promptly.

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