Update: Yizkor Book Project

Posted by Lance Ackerfeld

A lot went on in October in the Yizkor Book Project and, for instance, I was excited to see that for several projects, we are getting closer and closer to seeing the translation of whole books online. Clearly, such a feat doesn't come about overnight and without a dedicated team effort which usually takes months and even years but, believe me, it is definitely worth the effort providing the researchers of today and tomorrow, a wealth of information on our communities which were destroyed in the Holocaust. To give you an idea of how of the number of communities involved, at this stage in time, the Yizkor Book Project now contains information on around 1500 communities and 650 books and we continue to press on to cover communities, yet to be reached.

I must point out that our html team is integrally behind this month's extraordinary achievement and so, my heartfelt thanks go out to Osnat Ramaty, Max Heffler and Jason Hallgarten for their continued efforts, never saying no and for maintaining such high standards of work.

Please note that the translations that are online can be reached by clicking on blue links in the indexes and tables of contents, so that if you find that the article you're looking for has no link, it means that it hasn't been translated yet. If this is the case, I suggest you contact the coordinator of the particular book you're interested in or if there is no coordinator, please contact me and I'll see what can be done to facilitate the translation.

Note that a very positive way of helping to see translations placed online is by supporting one of the many Translation Funds which have been set up to bring about the professional translation of the Yizkor Books.  If you feel able to support this effort, please go to the Yizkor Book JewishGen-erosity
to learn about the Translation Funds currently underway.

And further about translations; in recent times, I have received messages from Hebrew speakers who would like to read the Yizkor Books but are unable to read Yiddish sections and are not fluent enough in English to read our online translations. For this reason, we have begun to add in Hebrew translations - for instance, for Staszow, Poland and I would be pleased to hear from volunteers who are able to translate from Yiddish to Hebrew, or from the English into Hebrew to help make progress on this initiative for other Yizkor books.

All of this month's additions and updates have been flagged at http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html to make it easy to find them. 

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