IRA Rollover Opportunity

Posted by Warren Blatt
Good News!  
You can now "rollover" your IRA to JewishGen and have it treated as a Qualified Charitable Distribution - for the rest of the year*. So even if you missed the deadline for 2012 distributions (which was Friday), you can still do so for 2013!  
You can make a contribution to:
  • JewishGen's General Fund -  Our most important fund, which provides support for all JewishGen initiatives.
  • Restricted Projects - allocate the funds to be used toward the completion of a specific project (such as a cemetery database, census records, etc).
  • An Endowment Fund - Use this as an opportunity to fund a new one!
Please contact Avraham Groll, Director of Business Operations, for additional information at 646-437-4326 or via email

*Up to $100,000. It is recommended that you consult with your tax adviser for information on how these provisions may impact your specific tax situation and charitable giving plans. 

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