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Please read this important message from Jay Sage.

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you on behalf of, which has been responsible for my most important and exciting genealogical discoveries.

As you know, JewishGen does not charge for its services, which are utilized by thousands of people throughout the world on a daily basis. They rely on the support of their users—people like us—to continue their important work.

Without JewishGen, it is safe to say that I would not have been nearly as successful in discovering my family history and heritage. Because of this, my wife and I support JewishGen on a monthly basis (in fact, we increased our monthly contribution last year) with automatic donations.

Why monthly and why automatic?

First, JewishGen is focused on both current and future generations, and we wanted JewishGen to know that they can count on our long-term support. Second, our automatic donations allow JewishGen to count on predictable, stable funding—something not to be taken for granted in today’s economic environment. Finally, it makes it easy for us. JewishGen automatically deducts the funds from our credit card (you can also have it deducted from your bank account). It’s safe, easy, and secure.

Consider this: An automatic monthly donation will help support the
  • Family Finder (think Linked-In for Jewish Genealogy!)
  • Family Tree of the Jewish People (more than 5 million names and growing!)
  • Discussion Groups (moderated and archived!)
  • Databases (more than 1 million records per year since 2008!)
  • And more!
As you probably know, JewishGen grants “Value Added Services” as a special thank-you to anyone who contributes $100 or more per year. This means that for $9.25 per month, you can support JewishGen in a meaningful way while also receiving Value Added Services. This comes to less than 33¢ per day.

No matter the amount, your gift will be appreciated. JewishGen has some donors who contribute gifts as modest as $5 per month. Others give much more. Whatever your ability, JewishGen will greatly benefit from your support.

Please email with your name and phone number, and someone from JewishGen (probably Warren or Avraham) will personally call you to get you started. The whole process will take less than three minutes, and you will have the satisfaction that your gift is being used to its maximum potential.

Thank you for your consideration and for joining me in supporting JewishGen’s important work.


Jay Sage, Newton, MA
JewishGenner since 1994
JewishGen supporter since 1996
Director, International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS)
Co-Chair, 33rd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy (Boston 2013)
Past President, Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston (JGSGB)

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