Exhibition on Jews in Greece During Holocaust

Posted by: Jan Meisels Allen

The New York Times published an article earlier this week on an exhibition on Jews in Greece during the holocaust which is on display at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County (NY, USA) [ https://www.holocaust-nassau.org/index.php] . The exhibit is called: “Portraits of Our Past: The Sephardic Communities of Greece and the Holocaust,” is on view through Aug. 15.  In Greece, 87 percent of the Jewish population perished during the holocaust representing  about 67,000 people.  The exhibition, emphasizes not only Greece during the holocaust, but also the long history of Jews in Greece and the large number of Greek Christians who risked their lives to save some of them.  The exhibit also has a central section which focuses on the Sephardic Jews who came to Greece from Spain and Portugal in the 15th century and continued to speak Ladino. Another section focuses on the Romaniote Jews, who arrived in Greece more than 2,000 years ago — the oldest Jewish community in Europe — and had different customs from the larger Sephardic population. Altogether, some 60 photographs and 14 artifacts are on display. 

To read the New York Times article on the exhibit go to:  http://tinyurl.com/nglru92 

Thank you to Eden Joachim for alerting us to this very interesting article and exhibit.
Jan Meisels Allen
IAJGS Vice President

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