Karen Franklin's remarks from the JewishGen Spring Brunch

Karen Franklin's remarks from the Spring Brunch
(read by her sons Drew and Ross Franklin)
I’ve asked my sons, Drew and Ross, to say a few words on my on my behalf. I developed a case of laryngitis earlier this week. My uncle passed away, and after the funeral his grandchildren peppered me with questions about the family. I don’t think I need to say (or not say) anything more about how I lost my voice. I want to save what’s left of it for the Lehman lecture that will follow.

In reflecting upon volunteer service through the years, I must admit that the most challenging stints of all was serving as Drew’s cub scout den leader about 20 years ago. Though managing a pack of boys after school doesn’t compare with the challenges and aggravations of JewishGen, that task was nonetheless NOT rewarded by fame or praise. I hope that the honor that I accept today with deep appreciation can be understood by all JewishGen volunteers as a recognition of all those who work for JewishGen. Their time and efforts may not always be publicly acknowledged, but it is deeply appreciated.

And no more detail about my cub scout career. EVER

Now the lengthy acknowledgements – important ones – of those who directly and indirectly participate in the success of JewishGen.

Gratitude to our fearless leader, Dr. David Marwell, whose extraordinary work behind the scenes and whose support of me has been limitless. Also for Avraham Groll, whose dedication to JewishGen and passion for his work is legendary. To Warren Blatt, and Michael Tobias, to our board of governors members including those here today, Hadassah Lipsius and Phyllis Kramer, to the entire New York JGS board and membership for its constant support, my thanks. Congratulations to Gary Mokotoff and to Lance Ackerman.

And finally to my family, to those who could not be here today, Rabbi Josh & Stephanie, Cheryl and grandson, Jacob. Here today here are my very handsome sons Drew and Ross, my brother Walter, and Debbie Shapiro, niece and nephew Emily and Brian Spiegel, brother-in-law Michael Franklin, 96-year-old father-in-law William Franklin (who visited his shtetl in Lithuania only last year), and my ever suffering and beloved husband, Stephen.

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