Richard Baum - 03/09/2009

Does anyone recognize the language in which this text is written?

What is the meaning of the text?

Richard Baum

Lisa Glowatz Bracco - 03/09/2009

I would appreciate help in translating the marriage certificate (in two parts because of its size) of Szejna Glowacz and David Wrona.  The marriage took place in Lomza in 1864 in Ostrlenka, Russia.  The document is in Polish.  I am especially interested in the names of the bride's parents but would welcome all information that can be translated.

Thanks so much.

Lisa Glowatz Bracco

Family Sieradzki - 03/09/2009

Thanks for the translation of the birth certificates of my Father and his brother.(avraham and zjanvel)
Would it be possible to translate also the birth certificate of
another of his brothers Wolek/Borek Sieradzki,
Thanks beforehand
Family Sieradzki

Barbara London - 03/09/2009

The first attached photo is of a 19th century (or early 20th century) chuppah which was used in California.  The second photo is a close-up of the letters sewn in the middle of the chuppah.  I am trying to find out what these letters in the middle mean or refer to. Thank you.

Barbara London

Joel Gedalius - 03/09/2009

Please help transcribe and translate this 1901 marriage license from Russian of my great-grandparents from Klodawa, Poland.

Name: Joel Gedalius

Wayne Frankel - 03/09/2009

I was hoping for some help with this matzevah - it is unfortunately a photocopy of a photo; I  hope to get the original at some point, but this is all I have to work with for now.

I can read some essential parts of it already - her name was Ester Mirel daughter of Yermye (Sigiel) HaCohn, her husband was Abram Simon HaLevi, I think.  And her name and her father's name is encrypted partly as large letters throughout the rest of the poem.  But the quality of the image combined with my inexperience with Hebrew I can't quite get either the date of her death, or her age (either would do, since we know her birthdate.

I would appreciate any help that you can give with add'l information, mainly her date or year of death (or age).

Thank you,

Wayne Frankel

Jeff Kaplan - 02/24/2009

I was wondering if someone could possibly help me?
I have a family photo with I believe Yiddish notes on the back of the photo.
This is a photo of my wife's relatives whom we believe perished in the
The family's name here was Rubin but in Poland/Russia the name was Rybajzen
or Reibeisen.

Thank you very much for any help that you may be able to provide.
Jeff Kaplan

Catherine Gordon - 02/24/2009

I would like help with translating this ‘photo back’ please.
Catherine  Gordon
Manchester UK

Herb Weisberg - 02/24/2009

Please help me translate this document to English - it was a postcard. 
The writing may be in German?
Herb Weisberg

Milton Koch - 02/24/2009 (b)

I found this picture glued to to another paper. On the bottom is written "Krakow" as well as "Kamora(?)".
I would like information about this picture. Thanks.
Milton Koch

Milton Koch - 02/24/2009 (a)

I found this picture in my files and do not know whether it is just a postcard, as seen on the back (without any writing/postage) or whether it represents some one in my family. does anyone recognize this picture?
Milton Koch

Milton Koch - 02/24/2009

This a gravestone of  my paternal great-uncle. I would like a translation, please.

Milton Koch

Marian Brown - 02/24/2009

I know that this gravestone is for Bertha Lissauer Mellinger, 1875-1903 and I would like a translation of all the Hebrew.


Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

Rusty Wilson - 02/24/2009

Attached is the back of a photograph with text in Russian.  I’ve also attached the front for context.  The photo was taken in Ukraine c. 1930.  I would appreciate a translation of the text. Please feel free to email me at the address below.

Thank you.

Rusty Wilson
Washington, DC

Batya Olsen - 02/24/2009

Hello, I was cleaning up my directories of photos/documents etc. when I found Smuil.jpg. It is in Cyrillic typeface and also has script. I have no notes about it and don't know what it is but I must have saved it for a reason. I'd appreciate your help in identifying this document.

Batya Olsen

Carol Blackman Weinberg - 02/06/2009

I am requesting assistance with translating the following vital record documents:

  • Document #1: Record 113
  • Document #2:  Record 904
  • Document#3: Record 364
  • Document #4: Record 218
  • Document #5:  Record 37
Thank you very much for assisting us with this valuable service.
Carol Blackman Weinberg

Geoff Munitz - 02/06/2009


I hope someone will be able to translate the atatched document which is in Russian and I am led to believe iit s a travel warrant for my great aunt.

Thank you

Geoff Munitz

Frank Lippa - 02/06/2009

I would greatly appreciate assistance in translating this Yiddish letter. I’m submitting it as three JPG images – one image per page). It is one of very many in my possession that I believe could have valuable genealogical information to do with my family.

I fear that, as the years pass, it is becoming more and more difficult to find anyone anywhere that can read cursive, handwritten Yiddish text, and adequately translate it.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Frank Lippa

Harriet Schlinger - 02/06/2009

I need help with the translation of the attached from Yiddish to English.

Harriet Schlinger

Marga Wingstedt - 02/06/2009

Would it be possible to translate for me the birth- certificates which we received from the polish archive.

1. Sieradzki Avraham Yacob my husbands father 2. Sieradzki Wolek Borek, his brother 3. Sieradzki Zajnvel, his brother

Thanks beforehand,

My name is
Marga Wingstedt

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ALAN GOLIN GASS - 02/06/2009

The attached photograph is my great-grandmother whose name, I believe was Rachel. I do not know her maiden name. She was mother to two groups of siblings, surnamed GASS (my family) and PELLISH. I know nothing about her, other than the families lived in southern Ukraine, including, Odessa, Moghilev-Podolskij, and, perhaps, Soroki.

I do hope someone will recognize her.

Thanks for your help.

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Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport - 02/06/2009

I would be interested in help to translate this from Yiddish. I understand that these are two of my great Aunts. Sisters of my great gran father Ephraim Fishel Rokeach  1/- Ethel- probably Esther -whose married name was Aaronson and her sister 1/Zlata whose married named was Shapiro and is buried here somewhere in Israel.  I just can't figure out who is who?? Can anyone understand a hint from the translation of what was on the back of the picture which i send here???

Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport

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Elynn Boss (a) - 02/06/2009

I'd like to know if I have translated this gravestone correctly, and if not, what the correct translation is.  If Bashem Tov is correct in the translation, what exactly does that mean?

My translation

Here lies the woman Leah daughter of the honored Yehoshua
Died Bashem Tov 28 Elul 5730
May her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

Thanks very much
Elynn Boss

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Howard Coblentz - 02/06/2009

Need know if anyone has seen one of this titles. What does it mean? Can we ubicate the original?
My name is Howard Coblentz.

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Elynn Boss - 02/06/2009

I'd like to know if I have translated this gravestone correctly, and if not, what the correct translation is.  If Pesach Tov is correct in the translation, what exactly does that mean?

My translation

Here lies Mr Tsvi son of the honored Zev Beyron
Died Pesach Tov 22 Nissan 5683
May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

Thanks very much
Elynn Boss

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Irwin Gordon - 02/06/2009

This is the steamship passenger manifest of my grandfather, Edward Cutler (nee Idel KOTLER), z"l, his brother Al (nee Isaac KOTLER) and their mother, Henne. They arrived in New York City aboard the SS Kherson on June 11, 1908, and are listed on Lines 13 through 15.

Their forwarding address is listed as 2628 "Fonzeth" Street in Brooklyn, NY. Was this the actual name of the street, and if not, then does anyone know what it was? Could this possibly be a misspelling for Forsyth?

Irwin Gordon
Putnam Lake, New York

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