JewishGen Adds New Holocaust Database: Reichsanzeiger (Revoked Citizenship and Property Seizures) 1933-1945

JewishGen is pleased to announce that this new significant data set, Reichsanzeiger – Revoked Citizenship and Property Seizures 1933-1945, has been added to the Holocaust Database.
Beginning in 1933, the German Government revoked German citizenship for tens of thousands of German Jews as well as persons seen as political opponents, e.g. communists.  This affected not only persons resident in Germany, but also persons who had left Germany and were resident in other countries.  It took similar action against persons resident in parts of Czechoslovakia which had been annexed.  Less well known was the revocation of business licenses or even seizure of firms which had been owned by Jews or political opponents.  
These public actions, totaling nearly 90,000 names of persons and firms, mixed together, were regularly published in the Reichsanzeiger, the German equivalent of the Federal Registry.
 In 1985, a compilation of the citizenship revocations was published in book form by K.G. Saur, Die Ausb├╝rgerung deutscher Staatsangehoriger 1933-1945 (The Expatriation of German Citizens, 1933-1945).  However, persons resident outside Germany, as well as firms whose names/assets had been seized, were not included. The nature/location of property/assets which had been seized was not identified. 
The information contained in this database came from Herbert Birett, a German researcher. The original data can be found at: was done by JewishGen volunteers. 
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